MOS technik is an established provider of automation and engineering services to many industries. Over the years, we have gained a reputation as a creative and reliable partner for leading multinational companies and dynamic small businesses. We bring thoughtful solutions to technical problems and challenges. We work to improve processes, increase operational efficiency and return on your investment. We guarantee compliance with deadlines and prices.


The MOS technik brand has been on the market since 2011, but the experience of our employees, especially in the field of single-purpose machines, fluid technology and compressed air systems, is considerably longer.

A year later, we started the development and production of air knives and nozzles. We gradually expanded the range of ionization blowers and liquid nozzles.

In 2014, we started exporting air knives. This is how our sales offices were established in Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Spain, Belgium and others. At the same time, the segment of single-purpose machine construction and fluid technology continued to develop.

  • The expertise of our designers and technicians is constantly increasing.
  • Our range responds flexibly to technological trends and real requirements from practice.


Our reputation is mainly due to the professional competence of our regular staff and all our employees. We achieve a highly above-standard level of quality, performance, durability, price, deadlines and service. Deep knowledge of the component market and close contacts with their leading suppliers allow us to find solutions even where others fail due to its price or complexity.

We also use the acquired knowledge and experience in the field of compressed air systems, industrial fittings and technological equipment for training and consulting activities.



Our people have extensive knowledge in the fields of mechanics, fluid technology and sensors, robotics and electronics to programming. We work closely with the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava.

Honesty and openness

We are ready for individual conditions and requirements. We present understandable offers and clear documentation. We do not impress with the price tricks, but with our own technical solution. That's why customers come back to us.

Systematic solution

We pay close attention to all stages of the production process. We don't go into things blindly, we don't leave unfinished work. We guarantee the quality of design and processing, we provide efficient service.

Demonstrable benefits

We are technicians, and that is why we believe in facts. We only propose solutions which effect we are convinced of. We'll proove it in black and white.

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