The company AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s. is a major European and largest domestic producer of packaging materials and rolled aluminum semi-finished products, which employs more than 800 people from the Bruntál region.


With rising energy costs in industry, there is also increasing pressure to optimize compressed air consumption. The operation of the AL INVEST Břidličná company is one of those that place higher demands on the selection of the optimal type of compressed air distribution for individual devices, as well as on the selection and maintenance of individual pneumatic elements.

In order to maintain the costs of compressed air production, it is therefore necessary to regularly diagnose the condition of the pneumatic system and its maintenance.

By precise measurement, well-thought-out design of the measure and its precise execution, we can ensure up to 50% savings in electricity, which is so demanding for the production of compressed air.

Our services at AL INVEST do not end with the implementation of the "Pneumatic Audit" and the proposal of optimization measures.

Based on the output report from the audit, we implemented the proposed measures.

Thanks to the elimination of significant leaks, the use of modern types of distribution systems with a long service life and the optimization of cooling blowers, we achieved a return on investment within four months. We proved this by measuring the flow of compressed air in the original state of the equipment and subsequently after the repairs.

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