Hirschmann Automotive VS s.r.o. – production of connectors for the automotive industry using plastic pressing and bending, Vsetín, Czech Republic

In the production of pressed parts for connectors of small dimensions, the production is moved by means of an inclined conveyor belt with high sides to the collector. Due to the presence of static charge both during production and when moving products along the belt, small parts could not be tipped into the collector by the conveyor. The parts remained attached/stuck to the conveyor due to static charge and then uncontrollably came loose and fell around the entire press shop area. A problem with the efficiency of production, ensuring the cleaning of scattered products at the place of the press and subsequent possible damage to production when cleaning parts from the floor.

We installed a fully autonomous ionized blower for two presses. The basis is an MOS air knife and ionization bar set that was installed across the conveyor belt at the point where the manufactured flat parts fall into the collector. The ionized blower blows the parts into the collector, and mainly discharges static electricity on the surface of both the products and the conveyor belt itself. The parts do not tend to remain "stuck" on the belt, they all fall into the pick-up, their movement is under control.

The ionized blower is equipped with an optical sensor with a control unit and a timer. The blower is triggered based on the recorded movement of the conveyor belt, which has 2 advantages. The first is an independent solution that eliminates human error. The second is the saving on the consumption of compressed air, because the blower is only started in the case of production - the previous solution was started all the time.

All technology is located on a separate stainless steel panel, which is equipped with handles. Cabling is routed in one twisted protector with the possibility of easy disconnection/connection to the central infrastructure. The reason for this is the easier possibility of moving the entire set to another press - where there is production with the problem described above.


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