IMI Norgren is one of the leading manufacturers of products for pneumatic applications and fluid motion control, such as actuators, compressed air treatment products, pressure switches, fittings and valves.

The client needed to test the tightness and flow characteristics of the manufactured valves. Until now, he used testers imported from the United Kingdom, for which he had problems with the quality, connectivity and substitutability of components. In addition, he needed to test some valves with compressed air at a pressure of 100 bar, which was beyond the capabilities of the existing supplier, as well as standard suppliers in the Czech Republic.

The analysis revealed that we are able to achieve the required parameters, especially high tightness requirements. We used non-standard components with excellent properties and long life. The tester manages to measure leaks from 0.5 x 10-4 mbar.l / s.


Customer satisfaction with the quality and course of the solution resulted in regular cooperation. We have become a permanent supplier of testers and other single-purpose equipment. We have already implemented about 20 projects.

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