The company Semperflex Optimit, s.r.o. is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic and industrial hoses in the world.


In hose production, the cost of producing compressed air is a significant item of energy costs. Compressed air is used here, among other things, to dry the hoses at the outlet of the cooling bath after extrusion.

In order to maintain the costs of compressed air production, it is therefore necessary to regularly diagnose the condition of the pneumatic system and its maintenance. It is also necessary to use efficient blowing nozzles.

Based on the customer's specifications, we performed a pneumatic audit of one part of the operation where the compressed air consumption was highest. The output of the audit was a report proposing measures. Both the elimination of defects and leaks in the compressed air system and the design of replacing the blowing nozzles for more efficient ones.

We proposed the use of circular MOS air knives for drying hoses.


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