MGL s.r.o. was founded in 1991 for the production of parts for the aerospace industry. Gradually, production is expanding into other industries, such as automotive, construction, electrical engineering.

The parts are cut from a rubber belt on a CNC press. The removal of the part from the belt after punching is performed by the operator, whose work productivity is significantly lower compared to the productivity of the press itself. Punching/stamping is thus a bottleneck in the entire production process. At the same time, a universal solution is required for highly variable parts.

We have created a completely new device, connectable behind the output of the punching press. The device can completely automatically separate products of any shape and size. The process has accelerated so much that the press is running at full capacity. The device is flexible and can sort future product variants.

We used transvector nozzles of our own production for the separation of parts.


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