Compressed air is a very expensive industrial medium. The slightest leak or error in the system settings causes unexpectedly large financial losses. We often find reserves even in seemingly perfectly functioning systems.

The safe and economical operation of compressed air systems requires regular inspection and immediate repair of leaks. By precise measurement, thoughtful design of measures and its precise implementation, we can ensure up to 50% savings in electric power, that compressed air production is so demanding.


  • About 10% of the electricity consumed in industry goes to the production of compressed air. (In some operations it is up to 50%).
  • 50-80% of the compressor power input is lost in the form of heat.
  • About 40% of remediable losses are leaks.
  • Up to 50% of the cost of producing compressed air can be saved by implementing appropriate measures.
  • By reducing the system pressure by 1 bar, you reduce energy consumption by 7-10%.
  • By lowering the intake air temperature by every 3 ° C, you save an additional 1% of energy.
  • Funds invested in system optimization are returned within months.

Measures to achieve savings

We will propose a complete scenario for optimizing equipment using compressed air. The optimization consists mainly in measuring the consumption and losses of compressed air and in the pneumatic audit.

Measurement of compressed air consumption and losses

Economical operation requires knowledge of accurate compressed air consumption data. We will supply you with measuring equipment and start measuring. We obtain objective data on long-term and immediate air consumption at the level of individual appliances and the entire operation. We will agree on the method of measurement and the format of the output data so that you can make a qualified decision on all steps in a timely manner.

The universal measuring device S-AIR for flow measurement is based on the principle of a calorimeter. It measures the amount of energy consumed to maintain a constant temperature of the cooling medium flow cooled sensor. This measurement principle and data processing method guarantee very accurate results. Development and production - MOS technik. Leaflet

Pneumatic audit

Pneumatic audit reveals problem parts of pneumatic systems and suggests their repairs and modifications.

  1. We assess the condition of all system components, check the sizing of existing tubing.
  2. Ultrasonic detection reveals leaks caused by cracks in welds, non-tightening of fittings and flanged joints, age of pressure hoses, etc.
  3. We identify security risks. We will point out areas at risk of accident at workplace or a production shutdown. We will suggest how to solve problems using the most modern security components.

Hole diameter Air loss (6 bar drop)

Energy loss

Financial loss
Data for operating time 8760 hours / year, energy price CZK 2.50 / kWh
1 mm 1,2 l/s 0,3 kW 6700 CZK
3 mm 11,1 l/s 3,1 kW 69 425 CZK
5 mm
30,9 l/s 8,3 kW 185 875 CZK
10 mm
123,8 l/s 33,0 kW 739 025 CZK

The financial losses caused by pneumatic systems leaks run into the hundreds of thousands. Source: Fraunhofer Institut ISI, Karslruhe

The audit report will provide a comprehensive and objective report on the status of your pneumatic systems and on possibilities for optimizing their performance, safety and economy.

Repairs and optimization

It is good to bring the audit results into practice. You can take the action yourself or leave it to us. We will take care of the complete optimization of your technology, from leak repairs to advanced innovations with significant savings potential. You will know in advance the list of affected components, their prices and the cost of the execution work.

Measures to save up to 50% energy

  • Increasing the energy efficiency of blowers
  • Repair of leaks in distribution systems and on production equipment
  • Automatic shut-off of compressed air when sampling is interrupted
  • Minimization of air pressure at the compressor and / or at the point of use
  • Express and preventive maintenance of pneumatic components of production lines
  • Training of responsible staff in providing repairs and preventive maintenance
You will achieve the greatest savings by increasing the efficiency of blowers, which are the largest industrial appliances.

Training and consulting

Efficient operation of compressed air equipment is unthinkable without well-trained workers, maintenance workers and assemblers. To increase their qualifications, we offer professional training and consultations in cooperation with VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava.

The training is led by a professional and experienced lecturer. It focuses on understanding the diagrams and functions of pneumatic circuits, explains how to connect, maintain and identify faults.

In the practical part, participants have access to educational software and a state-of-the-art laboratory. They will test the connection of various types of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits on the test panels. There is also a robotic workplace simulating the operation of electro-pneumatic systems in assembly lines.

Why you could trust us

  • Our specialists have a really vast experience with the blowing issues.
  • We do not reject even very demanding and specific assignments.
  • Blowing is an expensive technology, operating costs is a key issue for us.
  • We do not leave the unfinished work. We provide a comprehensive service and guarantee the results.

What will the measures to save compressed air bring?

  • Up to 50% reduction in energy costs
  • Timely replacement of damaged components
  • Reducing the risk of occupational injury or downtime
  • Maximizing production line performance
  • Return on investment in a matter of months


  • Professional competence
  • Honesty and openness
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Demonstrable benefits

The course of the contract

  • Consultation
  • Analysis
  • Implementation of measures
  • Prevention


Examples from practice

Our devices work in at least fifty major companies.
Many of them are suppliers to the automotive industry.


Reduction of compressed air consumption by eliminating leaks and replacing blowers


Development of a nozzle for effective cleaning of a complex hole


Pneumatic audit in the operation of AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s. - Achieving significant savings in compressed air consumption by optimizing distribution and repairing the pneumatic system

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