We do develop equipment for perfect control of gases and liquids.

Our devices measure the exact pressure, flow and temperature, control the flow direction, dispense according to weight or volume and mix arbitrarily in the required ratio. They test static, dynamic and transient characteristics of valves and other fluid components. They check the tightness of the products. They ensure the tightness of systems with expensive media, thus generating significant savings.

We design fluid systems exactly according to the customer's needs. They can work as an autonomous device or as an integral part of a larger technological unit.

When choosing components, we draw on both our and your experience. In design and production stage, we place emphasis on processing accuracy, intuitive and safe operation and its uncompromising operational reliability. We provide service for the entire lifetime of the equipment.

Why entrust the control of liquids and gases to us

  • Erudite experts will work for you.
  • There’s nothing to stop us. We handle the vast majority of very specific tasks.
  • We keep in mind the economic aspects of the solution.
  • We finish what we start We provide a reliable complex/comprehensive service.

What can fluid cabinets do?

  • Measurement and regulation of the direction, pressure, flow and temperature of fluids.
  • Precise mixing of gases and liquids, emulsifying and aerating.
  • Even very viscous liquids are accurately dosed according to weight or volume.
  • Reliable pressure testing.
  • Pressure, flow and transient characteristics of valves, pressure drop, hysteresis measurement, etc.
  • Verification of tightness of the equipment by pressure drop, flow measurement, bombing or bubble testing (leak testing).


  • 100% adaptation to deployment conditions
  • Technical and economic optimization of the solution
  • Accurate and reliable operation for a long time
  • Fast return on investment

The course of the contract

  • Consultation
  • Proposal
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support and service

Examples from practice

Our devices work in at least fifty major companies.
Many of them are suppliers to the automotive industry.


Design and manufacture of semi-automatic equipment – tester


Implementation of a tightness/leak tester for industrial valves with a pressure of 100 bar

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