MOS single-purpose machines and industrial robots dramatically reduce labor and costs, increasing productivity and reliability of production processes. They manage tasks that cannot be solved otherwise effectively. Each machine is unique, designed for the conditions of a specific operation.

Single-purpose machines

We teach single-purpose machines tasks that are too boring or demanding for people. They will take the form of stand-alone compact stations or a set of components implemented in your production technology.

While semi-automatic machines require manual feed / pick-up of semi-finished products, automatic ones work practically independently. The responsible employee supervises several devices simultaneously , saving labor costs.

By shortening the production cycle time, you will significantly increase labor productivity and speed up your return on investment. Product quality and work safety will be also improved. Demands on human resources in terms of expertise, precision and social costs will be reduced. Single-purpose machines are compact and space-saving.

Benefits of single-purpose machines

  • The solution for any task
  • High operational reliability
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Very fast return on investment

What can single-purpose machines do?

  • Bolting and assembling.
  • Splitting up, punching, cutting and chopping.
  • Pressing, riveting, welding and soldering.
  • Dispensing and applying adhesives and sealants.
  • Marking and labeling products.
  • Feeding the material.
  • Controlling the presence, shape and colour.
  • Measuring dimensions, weight, time and other physical values.
  • Identifying, monitoring and classifying parts.
  • Providing traceability functions and communicating with MES.
  • Verifying product functions and parameters.

Industrial robots

We manufacture robots as stand-alone devices or integrate them into your technological units. The capabilities of single-purpose machines surpass robots significantly greater variability, flexibility, speed and accuracy of performed operations.

Because the interaction with humans would limit the robot's potential, its mode tends to be fully automatic, including operations such as feeding/serving semi-finished products or picking up workpieces. Of course, the elimination of human operation also reduces production costs.

Deployment of robots is extremely flexible. They easily adapt to changes in product parameters or the production process. The robot can work continuously and without errors. Eliminating the human factor extremely increases safety, productivity and quality of work. By reducing scrapping, the costs of resolving complaints are reduced. The saving of production areas is also significant.

Benefits of industrial robots

  • Extreme deployment flexibility
  • Lower dependence on labor
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • The ultimate technology

What can industrial robots do?

  • Handling more complex tasks than single-purpose machines.
  • No human assistance required.
  • Quick and accurate handling/manipulating of products (pick & place).
  • Sorting OK / NOK parts.
  • Placing/establishing semi-finished products to / from machine tools and forming machines.
  • Extreme quick assembly of subcomponents into subassemblies and units.
  • Adhesives and sealants application even on complex trajectories.
  • Packing and unpacking the goods.
  • Stocking packages on pallets.

When choosing components, we draw on both our and your experience. In design and production, we place maximum emphasis on processing accuracy, intuitive, ergonomic and safe machine control and its uncompromising operational reliability. We provide service for the entire lifetime of the equipment.

Rely on our machines and robots

  • We have been developing unique solutions in the field of industrial automation with enthusiasm and for a long time.
  • We consider any individual solution to be a business standard.
  • We think about the economics of each technical design.
  • We provide a professional comprehensive service.


  • 100% adaptation to deployment conditions
  • Technical and economic optimization of the solution
  • Accurate and reliable operation for a long time
  • Fast return on investment


  • Professional competence
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Demonstrable benefits

The course of the contract

  • Consultation
  • Proposal
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support and service

Examples from practice

Our devices work in at least fifty major companies.
Many of them are suppliers to the automotive industry.


Design and manufacture of semi-automatic equipment – tester


Design, manufacture and supply of single-purpose equipment for 100% comprehensive control of the dimensions of two-component pressed parts


Design, construction and supply of single-purpose equipment for final cleaning of the part


Design, manufacture and supply of single-purpose equipment for the separation of parts at the exit of a punching press

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