New rotary, shock nozzle Hurricane – RRH


The invention at MOS technik is unstoppably efficient, and after a few months of development and testing, we present a new rotary nozzle of our own production called Hurricane. The concept of the rotating nozzle is given by a very strong shock air flow with a high cleaning effect. Structurally, the Hurricane on the rotating part is composed of two outlet nozzles with two span lengths. This is followed by the nozzle body and connection via a standard G 1/4 ". Hurricane has 3 basic advantages over other rotary nozzles.

  1. selectable diameter from 0.8 mm to 1.8 mm on the outlet nozzles - by selecting the size of the hole, the Hurricane adapts to the application
  2. adjustable blowing angle/angle of the blower of both outlet nozzles independently of each other. High flexibility for industrial applications
  3. low noise level

- surface cleaning of products
- drying of manufactured parts, for example after washing
- integration into machinery
- handgun attachment
- can be supplemented with an ionization pin and combine a high blowing effect with static charge suppression

Hurricane is another significant expansion and addition to our portfolio of air nozzles and knives. Technical sheet of Hurricane.

Inserted: 18.03.2022

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