We are continuing the very successful series of RRH "HURRICANE" rotary impact nozzles.

Using the proven rotary air distribution, we can prepare a customized nozzle for applications such as:

- cleaning of filters
- cleaning and drying of pipes with an inner diameter of 30 mm and more
- cleaning the openings of complex shaped parts

For these applications, it is very important for high efficiency that the nozzle is dimensionally very close to the dimensions of your part. That's why we adapted the nozzle so that we can prepare the nozzle effector to your needs and take full advantage of the dynamic properties of the nozzle.


We will make this nozzle in diameter according to the need, we will choose the right size of the outlet nozzles in order to achieve the optimal ratio of efficiency and consumption of compressed air.

The rotation speed of the nozzle is then always adjustable using the integrated adjusting screw.

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