Sodovkárna Kolín, s.r.o. – a traditional producer of soft drinks from Kolín known under the brand name Koli®

A low-pressure blower and compressed air nozzles were installed on the belt line, where half-liter and two-liter plastic bottles are moved, to dry the bottles. The tops and the upper part were blown by a high-pressure nozzles (approx. 6 bar) of the loc-line type. 2 blowers (150 mbar) were placed on each side, which blew the bottles from the side through 5 mm slots. The blasts were launched independently of the line.

With the new solution, the client needed to achieve:

- Better drying - it is necessary to keep the bottles dry - another process follows (packing the bottles)
- More efficient starting of the blow - blow only when the bottles are physically moving on the belt
- Blower divided into 2 parts - half-liter bottle blower and larger two-liter bottle blower - saving enough air


We only installed a high-pressure blower on the belt line both from above and from both sides.

We solved the blowing from above using 2 transvector type nozzles with the possibility of flow regulation. Due to their shape, the nozzles suck the surrounding air and increase the volume of the blow itself. A secondary but essential effect of this principle is a lower consumption of compressed air.

Blowing from the side is solved using MOS air knives. The air knife effectively "cuts" water droplets from the surface of the bottle.

For smaller bottles and at the same time for larger bottles, 1 air knife with a length of 400 mm is installed on each side, which is placed diagonally.  via an electromagnetic valve synchronized from the conveyor PLC – the principle is to start the line – the lower blower is started for both types of bottles.

Only for larger bottles, 2 air knives are installed again, this time with a length of 200 mm, one on each side, placed diagonally. Knives are switched ON via an optical sensor and the MOS ASI-OPT system. The principle is that the blower starts only when two-liter bottles pass through. The lower blower works for all bottles, the upper blower works only for larger bottles.

All air knives and nozzles are placed on a Kipp® type tubular structure, which is easily removable and the distances from the products can be adjusted.


- Bottle drying is qualitatively better, the problem with wet bottles during packaging has disappeared
- The consumption of compressed air is optimally and effectively set, the consumption corresponds to the technological process and purpose
- The start-up is automated, it does not need manual intervention
- The possibility of simple adjustment of the blower in the future, due to the assembly kit and the Kipp® system
- Low noise level

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