MOS products (air knives and nozzles, humidity control systems) are widely used in the food industry, among other things. For example, in the "Pekařství Makovec" or "Josef Pelant - Doupovské uzeniny" establishments


Bakery Makovec:
As part of the dough preparation processes, flour swirls in the work environment. This brings problems both from the point of view of the comfort of the operators, but also with regard to the emerging explosive environment

Doupov sausages:
The environment of the ripening (fermentation) chamber requires perfect control of the humidity of the space.

We installed jet nozzles for so-called dry fog in both spaces.

The dry mist ideally humidifies the space and thus both reduces the dust generated during the operation of the bakery and can also provide perfect control over the humidity level of the ripening chambre.


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