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In the paint(ing) shop and especially in the area just before the primary paint, the right climate is key to the flawless application of paint on the body. The cleanliness of the environment and working tools is a must/necessity. In order to create a high-quality varnish, it is necessary to ensure the right temperature, ambient humidity and as little airborne dust as possible.

It is, of course, in the customer's interest to ensure the minimum possible scrap when painting the body(work).

In this application, we have combined experience with humidity control systems and implementations of ionized air blowing gates.

Humidification nozzles placed in the paint shop premises control the humidity level of the environment. This reduces the build-up of electrostatic charge and dust swirling and provides cooling. They produce so-called dry mist with an average droplet diameter of 7.5 µm, the use of which is - compared to conventional air conditioning systems or conventional steam humidification - significantly more economical.

The ionization blow gate then acts as an effective tool for reducing body(work) contamination.


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