Hajdík, a.s. industrial paint shop in the automotive, rail and aviation industry, 100% Czech company.


In the Flatbed hall, where the latest and most powerful painting line from the German company is located, great emphasis is placed on cleanliness. Entry into the premises via air showers ensures a minimum amount of dust in the air. Even so, there is a problem with airborne dust in the paint shop, which sticks to painted parts thanks to static electricity.


We installed 3 heads in the hall, each equipped with 4 two-media nozzles, which produce so-called dry fog. Dry fog is created using compressed air and demi water. Dry fog in the premises of the paint shop reduces dustiness, as it pulls the impurities contained in the air downwards - it prevents dust from swirling in the air. At the same time, we control the humidity of the production premises at the necessary level to prevent the formation of static charges.

A by-product of air humidification is a perceived and real temperature reduction in the production environment, which is highly appreciated by the company's employees, especially in the summer months. The working environment has become more pleasant.


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