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Requirements for the final cleanliness of parts are constantly growing not only in the automotive and electromobility fields, but also in other industrial areas. Products also need to be cleaned after individual production operations such as cutting, machining, etc.
In this particular application, it was necessary to clean aluminum profiles of various sizes and shapes from emulsion and metal shavings to their shortening.


We have used our extensive experience to design a universal box that is able to effectively clean profiles, even though they have different sizes and shapes. The device cleans the profiles from the outside and the inside.

Special rotary nozzles creating a shock wave of compressed air were used to effectively blow off the metal shavings.

Direct air knives of the VNP type then form the blowing exit gate. We used a VNCI circular air knife to clean the internal surfaces.
Thanks to a wide range of air knives and nozzles and especially thanks to our rich experience with their application, we are able to adapt the blowing boxes to a wide range of industrial applications and products.


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