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The client's requirement was to design an ideal solution for ionized blowing of components before their introduction into the assembly machine with the following parameters: removal of static charge with minimal residual charge, effective blowing of dust particles and at the same time significant noise reduction compared to existing systems.


To solve the application, we used the ideal combination of the properties of MOS air knives and ionization rods in various forms.

The even flow of compressed air from the MOS air knives ensures efficient discharge of static charge even on more complex parts, at a very low noise level - 75 dB. The measurement then showed a very low level of residual charge on the components, which guarantees perfect protection of electronic components against the occurrence of hidden defects.

The flexibility of the supplied sets is then ensured by a wide range of accessories for the ideal setting of the blowing position, its intensity and the method of lowering (foot pedal, optical sensor, superior signal ...)


Customer satisfaction with the quality and flexibility of the solution resulted in regular cooperation.


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