BBC Cellpack Czech s.r.o. – production of plastic semi-finished products in the form of plates, rods, tubes, foils and profiles, Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic

Fiberglass and plastic boards are processed in the Datron ML Cube milling box. Chips from milling stick to the surface of the walls and windows of the milling station thanks to the static charge. This has the following consequences:

1) Less visibility and therefore worse control of the production process
2) When removing the finished boards, glued chips fall from the hinged lid onto the machine operator.
3) Safety and health risk


We installed an ionization blower in the milling cabin. The ionization blower consisted of a modified MOS VNP air knife with a length of 200 cm. For the air knife, we mounted an ionization bar in the set in the same length.

The ionizer has 2 functions:

Solution including on-site installation, wiring, mounting structure, coaxial valve, necessary filter-regulator and additional material.

For manual blowing, an ergonomically shaped ionization gun type AG08 is installed near the milling cabin. In cases where it is necessary to clean the work area, the gun is an effective and efficient tool.


 A closer look - the VNP air knife in a set with an ionization bar that discharges static electricity primarily from the hinged lid:


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