Antistatic gun AG-09 “POWERLESS” is an unique ionization tool without an electrical supply!

Prevents dust adhesion and electromagnetic damage caused by static electricity in various manufacturing processes such as automotive painting, electronic parts manufacturing, printing and painting work, and plastic injection with low noise level and low compressed air consumption.

The gun contains a pneumodynamic generator, which creates a sufficient amount of electrical energy for effective ionization when the air flows. In this way, it can very effectively eliminate electrostatic charges that occur on product surfaces without the need for a power supply cable.


Main advantages:
- the gun does not need an electric supply cable
- it is ergonomic, light (does not contain heavy batteries), highly efficient
- has adjustable parameters to suit a specific application
- includes visible LED signaling of correct ionization function
- it is intended for use in ZONE 2 hazardous areas (II 3G Ex hpm IIA T6 Gc)

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