Suction of dirt using a blow / suction gun

At MOS, we have prepared a simple solution for our customers - suction of dirt with a handgun into a barrel.

A common practice in a production environment is to use some type of suction when it is necessary to get rid of dirt from the surface of the product or from the machine. Either special industrial vacuum cleaners or suction based on a transvector nozzle (fixer principle) are used directly. Both are demanding in terms of space and acquisition costs or in technology and non-transferability.

We have prepared a simple solution in MOS.
We connected the blow / suction gun (permanently switched to suction for this purpose) to a 5-liter waste collector via a flexible hose. The suction gun sucks all kinds of dirt very efficiently, including, for example, the cooling emulsion, and directs everything to a 5-liter barrel. The barrel collector is equipped with a semi-permeable filter that allows excess air to pass through, but keeps everything else inside. The barrel has a handle on the lid, it can be easily carried. The collector is easily emptied, the lid is attached to the body with three flexi connectors.

Advantages of the solution:
- reliable suction effect of all types of impurities
- very simple handling
- low space requirements
- easy emptying of the collector
- the collecting barrel has a volume of 5 liters

- all types of maintenance in all production areas

Tutorial video on the channel MOS technik

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