New rotary nozzle type RRV "WHIRLWIND"


"WHIRLWIND" is a dynamic rotary nozzle, ensuring highly effective and fast cleaning of surfaces thanks to a shock wave of compressed air.
When compressed air passes through the nozzle, the internal stainless steel nozzle rotates. The compressed air comes out of the rotating nozzle and thus creates a shock wave with a strong dynamic effect.
The rotating movement of the nozzles automatically blows air onto the surface from different angles. All dirt stuck in the grooves and other unevenness of the product surfaces are thus quickly removed.

"WHIRLWIND" nozzles can be used both on manual blow guns and integrated directly into your industrial equipment. Its small dimensions and light weight ensure easy and ergonomic use.

The robust design of the nozzle ensures a long service life. The nozzle front part is made of durable POM plastic and its shape ensures that the operator does not damage the blown part by metal-to-metal contact.


It can also be equipped with systems for removing static charge from the surface of your products.


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