New low-pressure NT series nozzles

"AIR BLOWING = MOS TECHNIK"   matter if it is a low or high pressure system...

Our traditional field is economical and efficient compressed air nozzles. However, we have also been supplying you with blowing systems with blowers for a long time so that we can always choose the ideal blowing method, adapted to the parameters of your specific application.

Therefore, even in the area of low-pressure systems, we will not be idle in the area of development.

The new NT nozzle series will find wide application in many industries. The advantage is a unique design combining an air volume amplification, uniform distribution and low noise level.

Thanks to the variant with a connection using a ball joint to the articulated hoses of the LOC-LINE system, its use is even more universal:

If you too need to increase the efficiency of your blowers by replacing an unsuitable nozzle, originally intended for cooling emulsions, do not hesitate to consult our technicians:


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